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CASSlink: Import takes off

The CASSlink Global Data Management System officially launched its first live Import operation the UK during Q1 2007. This was closely followed by CASS Japan, which launched live in May. The CASSlink Import System, modelled on the successful CASSlink Export service offers airlines and ground handling companies a mechanism to invoice and collect destination terminal charges as well as AWB charges. We anticipate rolling out the service progressively throughout the CASS network.

May also saw the live launch, in both the UK and Japan, of the CASSlink Stock Management service, which provides an efficient 24hr / 7 day-a-week Airline Neutral Number allocation system. Carriers and freight forwarders are encouraged to review the service with their local Cargo Manager.

CASS Mauritius, Kenya, Hungary and Poland have all completed the final stages in the CASS implementation process in anticipation of their live launch during Q2 of this year.

Finally, dramatic growth has been experienced in CASS China with an 83% year-to-date increase in volumes processed compared to 2006. The growth projection continues throughout the year as more carriers are expected to join CASS. In parallel, a CASS China domestic service is under study.


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