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IATA e-freight: pilots approach completion of “proof of concept” phase

The e-freight pilot workgroup is advancing towards completion of the critical 'proof of concept' phase, which is forecast for beginning of June. The local current business processes have been mapped out, and the proposed (e-freight) processes have been drafted, with an initial phase of alignment between the locations completed. It has been proposed that a set of documents be removed from the cargo transportation process on each candidate pilot trade lane for direct, non-transit shipments of general freight. The documents will be replaced by electronic communication between the parties, either via EDI (Cargo-IMP messages) or using scanning and imaging methods as a temporary solution for the pilots.

A set of critical legal, process or technology questions remains to be answered by the pilot working groups, locally or centrally over the coming weeks. These will confirm the scope (types of freight, trade lanes, documents, participants) and process to be implemented. The next meeting of the project managers (Pilot Central Action Group - PCAG) will take place on May 23rd, and aim to confirm direction, further align the approach between the pilot locations and decide on the next steps.

The next phases will involve building up capabilities where required, preparing for the transition to go live. The go live itself is planned for December 2007 at the latest.

Beyond the five core pilots, limited pilots with the benchmark countries of Sweden and Mauritius are also in the process of being initiated, with a view to go live on limited trade lanes at the same time as the other five core pilots.


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