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MIP (Message Improvement Programme): participation and next steps

As a result of the recent IATA e-freight MIP campaign, we now have a total of 52 airlines waiting to participate in the programme.

The updated version of the MIP strategy will be delivered by the end of May. In the meantime, click here to get the previous version of the document.

Steps forward:

1. Confirm dates for airline participation and reporting

June 07

2. Airlines to develop IATA reports

August 07

3. Start analysis of data

September 07

4. Pilot country-level organisations to deal with quality and penetration issues

October 07

How to join:

Forwarders: contact Patrick Murray, Systems Manager e-freight at to sign up. Meanwhile, Invite IATA to present IATA e-freight MIP to your local forwarder association. Start analysing FNA (rejection messages) and work with the Airlines to fix the problems.

Airlines: contact Patrick Murray, Systems Manager e-freight at to sign up.


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