International Air Transport Association

IATA PCM and LAR Are Now Industry Standard

CITES  (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) has endorsed a new transport resolution that makes reference to the IATA PCR and LAR.

In early June, the 172 countries party to CITES endorsed a new transport resolution that makes reference to the IATA Perishable Cargo Manual (PCR) and the Live Animals Regulations (LAR) for the transport of live specimens by air. The PCR is now recognised as the applicable regulations guide for the transport of live, wild flora by air. The resolution also refers to the LAR as the industry standard for the transport of wild animals by air and further promotes IATA's prominent role in steering standard-setting activities.

Official worldwide recognition and alignment with the IATA Perishable and Live Animals standards represents a significant milestone and a great step forward for the air cargo industry. The common efforts of IATA and the Live Animals and Perishables Board through lobbying, negotiating and forming of industry alliances, have come to fruition.

The results of this work establish a level playing field, not only for our members but all supply chain stakeholders involved in both areas of activity. This is a critical foundation enabling the air cargo industry to avoid millions of dollars in unnecessary costs due to compliance with increasingly onerous and restrictive regulations.