International Air Transport Association

Air cargo and the environment

At the recent IATA Cargo Committee held in Geneva on 13 September, a significant topic was that of Air Cargo and the Environment.

A number of important actions for IATA were agreed upon.

IATA’s approach to the environment is based on a clear vision and four-pillar strategy:

  • Vision: Zero carbon emissions
  • Four pillar strategy:
    • Foster the development and the deployment of technology as one of the main drivers of progress
    • Encourage and assist airlines in further adopting best practices to make aircraft operations as efficient as possible
    • Promote the implementation of efficient infrastructure
    • Avoid economic measures that do not serve to improve environmental performance, including punitive taxes and charges
Within the context of IATA’s overall approach to the environment, specific action is needed in the area of air cargo. The following principles were agreed upon at the Cargo Committee:
  • The question of the environment should be added to the IATA Cargo agenda alongside e-freight, Cargo 2000, Safety, Security, and CASS
  • IATA should support a study engaging consumers and independent third parties to measure the carbon footprint of air freight products in comparison with other modes. Such a study should establish facts, metrics and best practices.

The environment will be a spotlight theme at the IATA World Cargo Symposium: “Focus on the Customer” in Rome, 3 - 6 March 2008. Come and join us!

IATA World Cargo Symposium 2008
Focus on the Customer
3-6 March 2008 — Rome, Italy