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New IATA Air Waybill Conditions of Contract effective 17 March 2008

Only 160 days left! Are you ready for this new Air Waybill?

We are pleased to announce that the industry-preferred version of the IATA air waybill Conditions of Contract (Cargo Services Conference Resolution 600b) has been approved and declared effective. CSC Resolution 600b is the abbreviated and modernised Conditions of Contract that invoke both the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and tireless efforts in bringing this to a close.

Resolution 600b will be effective on 17 March 2008 and on this same date, the currently effective Conditions of Contract, Resolution 600b(II), shall cease to be in effect. There will be no overlap between the effectiveness of 600b and 600b(II). The approved text of Resolution 600b is available on the IATA Cargo website.

Why not take the opportunity to start promoting AWB printed on plain paper?
IATA encourages the air cargo industry to make plans to migrate to non-colour coded air waybills (air waybill printed on plain paper), as adopted in CSC Resolution 600a. Moving to automatic production of a plain paper version, with the new Conditions of Contract on the reverse side, the air cargo industry participants will be well-positioned to meet the ad-hoc printing requirements in a paper-free e-freight environment.

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