International Air Transport Association

“3PL”, the new IATA Third-Party Logistics Code

Following the global launch of the IATA 3PL code in the last edition of the IATA Cargo Tracker, we have received numerous requests for additional information.

This new IATA service enables logistics companies to be identified on their own transport documents through an IATA assigned code. The 3PL code does not impact existing carrier 3-figure prefixes, nor does it obligate interline activity, as existing carrier systems may not accommodate alphanumeric prefixes.

The application process is fast and easy but it is important to note that holding a 3PL code does not make a company a member of IATA. Once awarded a 3PL code, companies must ensure that they file it with customs or other authorities, as necessary.

This service can be extremely beneficial to those transport service providers and other logistics companies who wish to have a unique company identifier assigned by IATA.

For more information, including a comprehensive FAQ guide, or to download your application form, please click here.