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Cargo 2000 becomes a central pillar of the IATA Cargo Agenda

Cargo 2000 is now a central pillar in IATA’s multi-faceted drive to improve the air cargo industry and simplify the business.

At the start of 2007, IATA’s e-freight initiative was aligned with Cargo 2000. This will result in common simplified processes, better customer service and a significant reduction in costs. IATA says forthcoming projects will be able to draw on the Quality parameters established by Cargo 2000 rather than try to develop their own standards afresh every time:

“IATA recognises that Cargo 2000 has become the industry’s Quality model and as such is an essential tool in the delivery of our e-freight and security programmes,” said Aleks Popovich, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo.

The close partnership between IATA and Cargo 2000 is also leading to ties in other areas. Cargo Network Services (CNS), is actively supporting Cargo 2000’s back-office functions.

“I see many potential synergies between the two organisations – particularly as both are directed by airlines and forwarders. With the rapid growth of Cargo 2000, this arrangement will enable us to strengthen our administration in a very cost-effective manner,” commented Mick Fountain, Chairman of Cargo 2000 and Chairman of the CNS advisory board.

Jens Tubbesing, President of CNS, added: “This cooperation will help us to bring Cargo 2000 to the US market and further strengthen Cargo 2000’s connection with IATA. CNS is becoming an active player in the Global Cargo Agenda and has already set support for the Cargo 2000 quality mission as a key part of its strategy.”

Cargo 2000 will be a track at the

IATA World Cargo Symposium 2008
Focus on the Customer

3-6 March 2008 — Rome, Italy