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Innovata offers two schedules flights data files generated from the SRS database – an industry acknowledged schedules database containing schedules data on over 900 airlines, updated and maintained by Innovata and marketed in association with IATA.

Quicktrip Schedules File

Updated weekly, it contains all direct passenger schedules in the SRS database (including operating and codeshare flights) plus all online (same airline) single connections worldwide plus all interline single connections between airlines with bi-lateral e-ticketing agreements.

Innovata uses its Minimum Connect Time exceptions data file (containing over 73,000 airline filed exceptions) plus all IATA recommended D-D, I-D, D-I and D-D values to generate valid connections. The Quicktrip schedules file is therefore unquestionably the most comprehensive and neutral worldwide airline schedules /timetable data file of all direct flight and single connection routing options available for license and use for your own business needs.

Custom Flight File

This is an extremely useful and flexible file of all direct flights contained in the SRS database. Some 50+ fields are available in the standard format of this data file and every codeshare flight is tagged to its operating flight for easy reference.

Enhanced calculated fields are also available including total and weekly frequency and ASM (available seat miles) and ASK (available seat kilometre) values by flight. Additionally, Innovata can apply and tag aircraft seats configuration data (total seats and seats by aircraft sub type by airline) to every flight in the data file.

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