World Passenger Symposium 2013 - Highlights

Experts discuss how NDC will affect stakeholders

Over the two days of WPS, participants from travel agencies, travel management companies, travel buyers and academia discussed the impact NDC will have on distribution through the travel agent channel.

According to Jayson Westbury, CEO, Australian Association for Travel Agent the main advantage of the indirect channel today is that “direct sales channels struggle to deliver service across the many aspects of a trip that includes more than point-to-point travel. It is also very difficult to compare prices between airlines using tabs and multiple open windows. Travel agents provide this in a multi- channel approach and will continue to add value to both the consumer and the supply chain for decades to come”. Read more

IATA examines NFC opportunities for air transport

IATA and the NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, have published the "NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel." Potential uses of NFC technology for air travel that save time for passengers and streamline operations for airlines and other businesses include such things as:

Towards a stress free baggage experience

Airbus envisions a solution for baggage that will provide a “hands and minds freed from baggage-worries” experience directly related to their vision of aircraft of the future.

While ensuring current standards are followed, their mobile-based solution explores the concepts of self- weighing, labeling, traveling and tracing. The solution will ensure interlinking existing transport services and takes a proactive approach when issues are identified by the customers at the process of tracing, according to Airbus.

Vanguard ID is also looking into improving the transport of baggage and has worked with IATA to develop the permanent baggage tag standard.

Dinner in style!

Check out the impressive Gala Dinner that was put together last night at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.Click on the below picture to access our album in Flickr.