• What are The Air Cargo
    Tariff and Rules?
  • The Air Cargo Tariffs and Rules
    The ultimate operational and regulatory
    reference for air cargo transportation.
    Reduce operational risk and
    ensure being compliant globally.
  • TACT Net Rates
    Gain efficiencies by automating the rate
    distribution between airline and forwarder.
    IATA’s Net Rates platform offers airlines
    and forwarders a secure way to exchange rates
    globally and fully exploit market potential.
  • TACT Online
    Access TACT Rules, Rates and flight schedules
    simply online and find required information within
    seconds. TACT Rules are also available on
    your smartphone or mobile device.
  • TACT Data
    Retrieve TACT Rates through your
    in-house operational system for instance
    when quoting a shipment, by simply integrating
    the full TACT Data set.

In a rapidly changing global air cargo environment, staying up-to-date with the latest rates, rules and regulations pertaining
to the efficient transport of cargo is critical to success.

TACT is the essential guide for anyone working in the global air cargo value chain. The complete manual consists of 2 segments. TACT Rules, which is the definitive source for shipping and accepting air cargo, comprised of industry, country and carrier regulations and TACT Rates, which gives you access to the most current industry, carrier and pre-constructed rates. It is the most comprehensive global rates database in the industry.

With the industry moving in a more technical path and following the assessment and feedback on industry requirements, several variations of TACT have been launched to best address the industry’s needs and individual company’s operational environments. Learn more about them below.
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