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54th Issue • Quarter 1, 2015

IATA’s Strategic Partnerships program marks its 25th anniversary

The year 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Strategic Partnerships (SP) program.

Building success together for a quarter century, IATA Strategic Partners embody the spirit of collaboration and co-operation that now characterizes the industry. From a core group of nine founding members to the current total of over 390 worldwide, Strategic Partners pool their extensive resources and expertise for the betterment of the aviation industry as a whole.

With members from every corner of the globe encompassing a wide range of industry segments, the IATA Strategic Partnerships program has grown from two to over 40 areas of involvement. These areas span virtually all aspects of airline operations, including airframe and engine manufacturers, financial institutions, aircraft-leasing companies, global-distribution system (GDS) providers, IT and fuel suppliers, and many others.

Congratulations to the program’s nine founding members, who are celebrating 25 transformational years as Strategic Partners: Accelya, Amadeus, ARINC, GE Aviation, IER, Nordisk, SITA, SNCF, and Unisys.

Celebrate along with us. Visit the 25th-anniversary milestone webpage, or contact the SP team.


IATA Annual General Meeting 2015

The IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit is the world’s largest gathering of airline leaders. And Strategic Partners enjoy coveted access to this invitation-only event.

In 2015, the 71st AGM comes to Miami from 7 to 9 June 2015.

By invitation only. Contact us for the conditions of participation.

For a complete list of all upcoming SP meetings and events, please visit our online calendar.

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Simplifying the Business: Streamlining the Program

IATA’s Simplifying the Business (StB) program has changed. Many people recognize the StB program for the successful delivery of some of its most popular projects, like e-ticket and the bar-coded boarding pass. However, most don’t realize that the program celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year. StB has been delivering projects to improve the customer experience and reduce industry costs for a full decade!

After 10 years, the program has evolved but continues to develop and manage projects with the same purpose and benefits. However, the major change for StB includes a shift of focus on developing transformational projects. This means a focus on projects that are not only innovative, but that can also transform the industry.

As a result of this change in the StB vision, we have reduced the five major goals to three objectives.

Goals and objectives

This shift has allowed StB to provide a more accurate picture of the projects included in the program and to ensure that they are aligned to deliver one single shared objective.

Airline Products aims to empower airline retailing and merchandising. The project/program under this objective includes Customer Order Transformation (COT) and New Distribution Capability (NDC).
Real Time Interaction aims to provide customers with trusted, accurate and real-time information from all operators throughout the journey. The projects under this objective include Travel Communication and Customer Contact Information.
Seamless and Hassle Free aims to optimize the number of customer processes and related wait times throughout the journey. The projects under this objective include Future End-to-End Experience, Smart Security, Baggage Message Migration, Fast Travel, and Security Access and Egress.

The StB Think Tank is an ideation group consisting of airlines, stakeholders, and partners. This group is essential in coming up with transformational ideas to propose to the StB Steering Group. In fact, in 2014, the StB Think Tank’s three ideas were the Customer Order Transformation, Travel Communications, and Future End-to-End Experience. Accepted by the StB Steering Group, these three ideas will now move to the project phase. For more information, please see the 2014 StB White Paper.

The 2015 StB Think Tank has already met and started work on potential ideas, to be published in the 2015 White Paper.

Get more information on StB.

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AJW Group: Gathering Momentum with Integrated Aircraft Support Services

AJW Technique, the AJW Group’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility, has now entered its third year of full-scale production.

The start of 2015 saw AJW Technique reaching significant performance milestones in the component repair and overhaul sector:

4,030th capability
13,000th component repair
11th platform
50th external customer
160th employee

These key points hint at the broader success demonstrated by AJW Technique, from the simple asset acquisition in 2012 to reaching profitability in record time.

AJW Engines has actively supported the Group’s acquisition and tear-down program and successfully rebuilt its portfolio of CFM56-3 engines for sale/lease.

Comprehensive consignment/partnership agreements have been forged with Easyjet, Flight Power, Miat, and MTU, among others, for a range of engine fleet support, material supply, and management programs.

In tandem with AJW Aviation (China), the engines division is developing a range of tailored services for this challenging marketplace.

This division also recently achieved the Investors in People Silver Award in recognition of a solid focus on training and personal development for its dedicated team in Wales.

These results attest to AJW’s emphasis on superlative customer service through a targeted and flexible product offering, as well as the development of innovative partnerships with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Deepak Sharma
Chief Technical Officer, AJW Group

AJW Group

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EveryMundo: Attracting Quality Site Traffic

Over the past decade, search engines have increasingly become the starting point for travelers looking to book a flight.

In the current travel search landscape, however, airline websites are losing traffic and visibility to online travel agencies (OTAs) and meta-search engines (MSEs). OTAs and MSEs outbid and out-build the airlines with detailed and highly searchable destination-specific web content. More often than not, airlines’ websites are absent from top results for travel search queries, and their rankings slip exponentially as consumers’ searches become more and more specific.

Airlines need tools that enable them to promote their flights, routes, and destinations in every country and every language in order to consistently appear in travel search results across markets and devices. Importantly, these tools must be agile and scalable to function effectively for airlines facing these numerous and complex challenges.

Over the past four years, EveryMundo has worked with many airlines and airline service providers to simplify global, multilingual traffic acquisition and conversion in digital channels. AirTRFX® was developed to help global airline marketers attract qualified site traffic.

AirTRFX is a macrosite generator that enables the rapid creation and scalable management of millions of performance webpages for every destination and O&D an airline flies, in every language it supports, in every market it serves. Thus, AirTRFX employs a similar approach to the OTAs and top e-commerce sites like Amazon.com, creating a unique landing page for every product, while accommodating the airline’s more limited marketing and IT resources.

EveryMundo’s goal is to help airlines boost revenue, improve marketing cost efficiency, and increase customer acquisition by driving traffic directly to an airline’s website.

Philip Rothaus
Director of Business Development

Every Mundo

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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.: Aircraft Tracking and Triggered Data Streaming for Commercial Aircraft

In our world of constant connectivity, FLYHT cannot conceive of how a large commercial airliner can go missing.

But imagine a system that could use advanced algorithms to monitor the aircraft and automatically trigger a warning.

FLYHT’s technology, the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) is installed in an aircraft’s avionics bay and enables satellite voice communications and global-flight tracking. Its main purpose is to report on the functions of the aircraft—such as engine-health monitoring and fuel management—saving the airline money by improving efficiencies.

In normal operations, AFIRS operates as a sentinel, monitoring aircraft systems and sending out routine position and health reports, storing everything it records in its onboard memory.

If an abnormal situation occurs, AFIRS real-time data streaming mode, FLYHTStream™, is automatically triggered, highlighting the aircraft position. It begins streaming black-box data that can be immediately animated to show the state of the aircraft. FLYHTStream provides a source of situational awareness to the airline in real time.

For airlines, it’s not enough to know the aircraft is not where it should be; they need to know what is happening now.

The triggered data streaming solution is available today and can be enabled on any commercial aircraft. As of January 2015, First Air, a Canadian airline, was the first company in the world to adopt FLYHTStream.

Matt Bradley


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Indra: Developing the New Iberia Express E-Commerce Portal

Spain-based IT company Indra has teamed up with Birchman Group to develop the new e-Commerce portal for Iberia Express.

In keeping with both the Spanish airline’s new brand design and passengers’ needs, the new website features Indra’s most innovative solutions for the purchase, flight management, ancillaries selling (auxiliary and complementary services), and access to special promotions by users. Furthermore, as an open and highly flexible, configurable system, it can gradually incorporate new products and services.

As a key innovation, the Iberia Express portal features Indra’s Booking Flow Manager (BFM) solution. This system allows airlines to operate their e-Commerce portals independently from the global distribution system (GDS) network and to be aligned with the IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard. It also provides Iberia Express with a greater degree of customization, thus improving user experience and facilitating sales processes, the introduction of new ancillaries, and the actual website management.

The first phase of the project, currently underway, involves revamping the web portal and purchase process to offer passengers new functions and a greatly enhanced and easier purchase experience. The second phase will finalize current design by implementing a reservation management and express check-in function.

Iberiaexpress.com has been designed with responsive web design technology. This technology allows users to access the e-commerce portal from any type of device (tablets, smartphones, laptops, and PCs). It also adapts the way the functions are viewed to the size and type of device used.

Indra has pioneered the design and development of e-commerce portals for some of the world’s main airlines.

Emilio Mora
Head of Business Development, Indra Airlines Division


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Sutherland Global Services: Supporting a Leading Global Airline with an End-to-End Revenue Accounting Solution

Passenger revenue accounting can be a chronic pain point for any busy global airline. But imagine the cost and complexity of managing the process for two rapidly growing carriers within one organization.

No one better understands this challenge than one of our clients, a global airline that flies more than 12 million passengers to over 65 destinations in 29 countries in North, Central, and South America, and in the Caribbean.

The airline was faced with a platform that could no longer meet the changing requirements, both because of industry processes as well as its own business. The company sought a partner with the ability to bring in an industry-standard platform, domain expertise, and a track record of accurate, on-time revenue accounting. The airline’s business was highly complex: processing was split between in-house resources and multiple vendors. Month-to-month deliverables relied on massive manpower and the manual adjustment of entries between the two systems. Plus, the company was in the middle of changing the enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

After a rigorous evaluation of the industry’s leading providers, our client chose Sutherland Global Services to deliver an end-to-end passenger-revenue accounting solution on a single technology platform, fully integrated with the industry-recognized RAPID system. The clear mandate was to implement the new revenue-accounting platform, migrate data from old systems, and establish operations in India.

The benefits this world-class airline has yielded from this solution have been considerable: over 20% increase in interline receivables, over 10% improvement in interline rejections, an improvement in revenue declaration date and accuracy, accurate unearned revenue liability declaration, and all this in addition to having revenue analytics at their fingertips.

Hemal Shah
Global Head of Travel, Transportation & Logistics

Sutherland Global

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UAS International Trip Support and EPIC Aviation: Forging a Strategic Alliance

Two IATA Strategic Partners—UAS International Trip Support, a leading global aviation services provider, and EPIC Aviation, a leading aviation fuel supplier—have forged a strategic alliance that will create opportunities for growth for both industry-leading companies and deliver added value to their customers.

UAS International Trip Support provides trip support, executive travel, and air charter services to aviation operators around the world. With regional headquarters in Dubai, Houston, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg, UAS is fully equipped to service any location.

EPIC specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry-leading fuel quality assurance programs. Its supply system consists of nearly 300 supply points in the US and Canada selected to provide customers with a reliable, secure fuel supply.

EPIC Cardholders currently have access to over 5,000 EPIC fixed-base operators (FBOs) and merchants. These cardholders will obtain even greater access when operating internationally through the UAS network of 3,000 locations and regional operations teams. They will be able to purchase discounted fuel on credit using their existing EPIC Card account.

UAS customers will have priority access at all EPIC locations in North America, providing immense value for the trip support giant, who completed over 100,000 movements in 2014.

Due to UAS’ economies of scale, EPIC customers can access significantly reduced fuel costs at even the most remote locations around the globe.

Stay tuned for more information on new, jointly developed technologies in the coming weeks.

Barbara Mohr Yvonne Putze
Communications Director of Products & Marketing

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Worldwide Information Network (Thailand) Ltd.: Promoting e-AWB in Thailand

In an effort to increase transmission of electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) data in Thailand, Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) and Worldwide Information Network (WIN) have joined forces to overcome barriers. BFS is the largest handler at the country’s main cargo airport BKK, and WIN is an e-platform for independent forwarders.

Some of the main challenges to e-AWB adoption in Thailand arise from the current state of paper-based air-export processes. Agents deliver cargo to the handler’s warehouse to obtain a paper “weight slip,” which the driver brings back to the office. The forwarder then updates the system and prints the AWB/docs, which the agents physically return to the warehouse. At this point, the handler manually enters the Master and any House bills into the carrier’s system.

Thus, Thai forwarders miss the opportunity to take advantage of lower charges on house-bill entry fees. Plus, drivers waste time in lines and traffic ferrying paperwork multiple times per consignment. The inefficiency is passed straight up the chain.

Using the new automated process, the forwarder loads a draft AWB into WIN using simple web services or by entering it directly online before sending the cargo. BFS transmits the e-Weight Slip to WIN seconds after weighing. The forwarder is alerted that the draft AWB has been updated in WIN and its own system with actual weights for quick review. The electronic AWB data is then sent to the airline, who in turn copies the handler. All this takes a few minutes electronically, so that the final AWB data is loaded into both the airline and the handler’s systems in short order.

Partnering with BFS and key forwarders to overcome local barriers fits right into WIN’s strategy to make e-AWB easy, especially for independent forwarders.

John DeBenedette
Managing Director, Worldwide Information Network

Win Web Connect

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New Strategic Partners

Since 1990, IATA Strategic Partners have been contributing to IATA and the air transport industry through their involvement in the Strategic Partnerships program.

We are happy to introduce the following new Strategic Partners.

Access the company websites directly by clicking on their logos.

  Agentil SA   AirFacts Inc.
  Agentil SA   AirFacts Inc.
  Aviation Quality Services GmbH   Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) Programme
  Aviation Quality Services GmbH   Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) Programme
  EveryMundo LLC   Global Eagle Entertainment
  EveryMundo LLC   Global Eagle Entertainment
  Hansaconsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH   KazMunayGaz-Aero LLP
  Hansaconsult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH   KazMunayGaz-Aero LLP
  L-3 Security & Detection Systems   Rolls-Royce Controls & Data Services
  L-3 Security & Detection Systems   Rolls-Royce Controls & Data Services
  San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd.   Securiport LLC
  San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd.   Securiport LLC
  SMBC Aviation Capital   Sun Jet Services GBR
  SMBC Aviation Capital   Sun Jet Services GBR

For a complete list of Strategic Partners, and to learn more about what they offer, please visit our online directory.

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