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Safe, efficient ground handling is essential to airline operations. We are pursuing a number of projects in this field with the assistance of our ground handling partners.

The Ground Handling agenda​

The IATA Ground Handling agenda focuses on four pillars:

  • Safe flight and safe ground operations
  • Operational efficiency and quality service delivery
  • Open, effective market
  • Sustainability

This ambitious agenda is led by working groups formed of ground handlers, airlines and other industry stakeholder.​


Join the IATA Ground Handling Council

The IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) is the major forum of international ground handling executives.

Members of the IGHC have the unique opportunity to participate in the standards setting process for ground handling.

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Safety - #1 priority

The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)

ISAGO is a safety audit standards designed in a way that makes it applicable consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well as to smaller companies providing services at a single station.

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