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Benefits of Aviation

Aviation creates jobs and drives economic growth. Its competitiveness and connectivity should inform governments’ tax and regulatory policies. Excessive charges and taxation restrict the value that aviation brings to the wider economy, putting not only some 57 million jobs and $2.2 trillion in GDP activity at risk but also social and cultural exchange. Charges and taxes must be economically justified.

IATA and other aviation stakeholders are carrying out a global initiative to produce detailed economic studies on the benefits of the aviation industry. In collaboration with the independent consultancy Oxford Economics, the goal is to identify the benefits that aviation generates for consumers, public finances and the global economy.

Wider recognition of the benefits of aviation will facilitate a stronger partnership between regulators and the aviation industry.

It will also help to develop future sustainable transport policy, as well as promoting social and economic benefits across the world.

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Benefits of Aviation Videos

 Benefits of Aviation       Six short videos have been produced to highlight the benefits of aviation. These have been primarily designed for use by airlines in their marketing campaigns.

 View Benefits of Aviation videos

These videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel. Additionally, these videos are available in HD, please contact Corporate Communications for information.

The topics covered include:

  • Facilitating Business
  • Connecting Cultures
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Supporting Economic Development
  • Providing Emergency Response
  • Sustain the Future

Supporting Economic Analysis

Briefings on Economic Benefits


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