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Commercial Fuel Policy

IATA cannot influence the commodity price of oil. However, it can and does take measures to reduce the amount of fuel consumed, simplify business practices, reduce duties, fees and taxes, and improve the reliability of jet fuel supply.

IATA's Role

Drive down the cost of the provision of jet fuel through reduced fees and margins by:

  • Eliminating or minimizing illegal, unjust or anti-competitive duties, fees and taxes
  • Eliminating fuel market access fees at EC airports
  • Addressing reliability of fuel supply issues at airports worldwide
  • Helping airlines better manage fuel purchasing and conservation
  • Assisting airlines, airports and fuel suppliers to better manage fuel shortfall incidents and crises
  • Collaborating with fuel suppliers and fuel system providers to obtain best value for member airlines
  • Seeking economic regulation at locations where there is no competition
  • Encouraging competition at airports for fuel supply and into plane services
  • Developing worldwide industry standards to facilitate financially viable electronic data exchange

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