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Consumer Protection

Airlines, passengers, and governments have a shared goal; getting to destinations comfortably and on-time. Airlines are committed to looking after their customers and, due to the fiercely competitive market, are highly incentivized to do so.

 Passenger rights      When things do not go according to plan, airlines agree with the concept of passenger protection to underline this commitment. But the proliferation of passenger rights regimes around the world creates difficulties for the industry and confusion for customers.

In a journey that involves a stopover in a third country, it is possible for three conflicting regimes to claim jurisdiction. This adds cost and complexity for all parties and hampers speedy resolutions.

Prescriptive regimes can have unintended consequences for consumers, including higher costs, lower connectivity, and greater inconvenience. Governments and industry must work together to avoid such consequences, based on a clear cost-benefit analysis of proposals.

Read the complete position paper on passenger rights (pdf)

Industry core principles on consumer protection

At the 69th IATA AGM in June 2013, the industry unanimously adopted a set of core principles for consumer protection legislation. These principles strike a balance between sustainable air transport and reasonable consumer protection. They aim to help foster greater compatibility among existing regimes and serve as the foundation for proactively shaping the debate at global, regional, and national levels.

AGM Resolution and Core Principles (pdf)

Key issue position papers

IATA is actively campaigning on specific passenger rights issues. The following papers reflect the industry positions:

Supporting Economic Analysis

Briefings and outside views on competition

Briefings and outside views on airline costs

Economic benefits of aviation




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