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EU Package Travel Directive (PTD)

The 1990 Package Travel Directive (90/314/EEC) was aimed at protecting consumers booking pre-arranged package holidays. It protects European consumers going on holiday and covers pre-arranged package holidays combining like transport, accommodation, other tourist services.

New EU Package Travel Directive

On 28 May 2015, the European Parliament voted in Plenary to endorse the new rules of the EU Package Travel Directive.

The new rules are meant to extend protection of the 1990 EU Package Travel Directive to cover not only traditional package holidays, but also protect those who book other forms of combined travel, e.g. a self-chosen combination on a website of a flight plus hotel or car rental.  

IATA's position

  • The new PTD legislation clashes with existing legal requirements, which will cause considerable legal uncertainty and make it virtually unenforceable
  • The added costly administrative burdens to traders (in particular the insolvency protection that they will have to obtain) will only lead to a withdrawal of commonly used products and services, which will in turn reduce consumer choice and raise prices
  • The current proposal adds unwarranted costs to the travel and tourism sector in additional administration, red-tape and unnecessary new insurance premiums

If unchanged, the revised Directive will effectively reduce the travel sector’s investment in innovation and strangle its new digital business models. This new legislation is thus far away from the originally intended goals of reviewing the PTD

Additional information

Read additional documentation on the new EU Package Travel Directive (pdf).


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