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Airlines, passengers, and governments have a shared goal

Getting to destinations comfortably and on-time - airlines are committed to looking after their customers and, due to the fiercely competitive market, are highly incentivized to do so. 


When things do not go according to plan

Airlines agree with the concept of passenger protection to underline this commitment. But the proliferation of passenger rights regimes around the world creates difficulties for the industry and confusion for customers.

In addition, prescriptive regimes can have unintended consequences for consumers, including higher fares, lower connectivity, and greater inconvenience. We need to strike the right balance between protecting passengers and industry competitiveness.

For airlines and their customers it’s good to stay in touch

Airlines are encouraging their customers to provide their mobile numbers and email addresses so they may, in real time:

  • alert them for timetable changes 
  • notify them when flights get delayed
  • proactively re-book them on a different flight if required
  • automatically send a new boarding pass and
  • allow them to track their mishandled bags.

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