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Charges & Economic Regulation

Airport and ATC charges must be cost-efficient

Airport and ATC charges must be set at levels that enable airlines to satisfy demand for connectivity, that provide a reasonable return on investment, and that allow for sufficient investment in future developments and service quality.

Since infrastructure providers often enjoy monopoly or quasi-monopoly status, governments and regulators have a vital role to play in maintaining vigorous oversight of charges and development. Airlines also require a formal role in capital investment decisions, since it is airlines that ultimately pay for those investments.

Transparency and consultation

ICAO principles have been established to ensure transparency and a proper role for customers in the decision-making process on infrastructure investment and charges. This partnership can be mutually beneficial while enhancing the passenger’s experience.

IATA continues to remind providers of their obligations to consult with users and to maintain full transparency on charges. This includes lobbying governments to scrutinize privatization and concession models. 

IATA's positions on airport and ATC charges

Together with airport and ATC charges experts from member airlines, IATA has developed detailed position papers on infrastructure charges and economic regulation matters.

These are also supported by a number of  briefings and outside views

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