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Agenda for Freedom

 Agenda for Freedom

The Agenda for Freedom seeks to give airlines the commercial freedom to operate like any other global business.

It is a statement of policy principles to guide the negotiation and implementation of air services agreements. Also available are liberalization best practices, country studies and FAQs (pdf).

The need for a more modern approach

The commercial aspects of international aviation are governed by a set of antiquated practices in bilateral air service agreements. They limit market access and close the door to international equity capital. Other global industries do not face such restrictions.

IATA convened liberal-minded governments at an Agenda for Freedom Summit to find ways of breaking down these barriers, attended by 14 States and the European Commission.

A historic multilateral statement of policy principles regarding the implementation of bilateral air service agreements was  initially signed by seven states at a second summit in Montebello, Canada, on 16 November 2009.

Looking ahead

The Agenda for Freedom remains open for States to endorse on a voluntary basis. IATA supports ICAO's leadership role in this area and seeks to work towards further liberalization under the auspices of ICAO.

Multilateral Statement of Policy Principles

The Agenda for Freedom principles are available in English (pdf), French (pdf), Arabic (pdf) and Spanish (pdf).

Endorsements by country

The following governments have signed and/or endorsed the Multilateral Statement of Policy Principles:

Bahrain (pdf)

Chile (pdf)

European Commission (pdf)

Kuwait (pdf)

Lebanon (pdf)

Malaysia (pdf)

New Zealand (pdf) NEW

Panama (pdf)

Qatar (pdf)

Singapore (pdf)

Switzerland (pdf)

United Arab Emirates (pdf)

USA (pdf)


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