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Value of Aviation


​​​​Air transport ha​s the potential to create enormous value for a lot of different people and organizations. Aviation can:

Catalyze economic development

Make businesses profitable

Create jobs and wealth for businesses and individuals

Enable social development, facilitating education and an understanding of different cultures and peoples

New Report: The value of aviation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is heavily reliant on tourism for its economic health. The vast majority of tourists arriving in the region travel by air. Supporting air connectivity is therefore a vote for a prosperous future.
Read the report (pdf.)


Travelling across Africa is currently very difficult because of insufficient flights operating between African countries and limited road or rail alternatives. We are highlighting the value that could be delivered by better air links within the African continent. More about how Open Skies and the benefits of better air connectivity for Africa.


The optimization of European airspace will ensure that aviation delivers its full value. It is estimated that current inefficiency in Europe.  More efficient use of airspace would reduce delays, cut emissions, raise safety levels and contribute to the creation of 320,000 jobs across Europe.  
Benefits of European Airspace Modernization study (pdf).

Latin America

The number of people who will want to travel by air in Latin America is predicted to increase significantly over the next 10-15 years. The additional flights needed to cater to this increased demand will not be possible without sufficient airport infrastructure

If action is not taken to address airport capacity constraints, it is expected that by 2025 passenger numbers would be 113 million lower than they would be if enough infrastructure was in place. That is 113 million people who want to fly, but can’t!

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve unprecedented long term growth in aviation. By 2030 it is estimated that air travel in Asia would be greater than the next two markets North America and Europe combined. Given that aviation is a catalyst for economic growth, this spells good news for the region. In a study commissioned by IATA, it was found that by 2035, air transport is expected to support over 70 million jobs and nearly $1.3 trillion in GDP, compared to over 33 million jobs and over $700 billion in GDP in 2014.
Full aviation study for Asia Pacific report  (pdf) 


Report Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders

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