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Fact Sheet: IATA - International Air Transport Association


  • To represent, lead, and serve the airline industry


  • To be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches our world



  • IATA membership: some 250 airlines in 117 countries.
  • Flights by IATA members represent 84% of total traffic (Available Seat Kilometers)  
  • IATA members total freight – 44 million tonnes in 2013, of which 29 million tonnes were international
    • IATA members total freight tonne-kilometers (scheduled) – 180 billion tonne-kilometers in 2013, of which 157 billion tonne-kilometers were international
  • IATA members' total passengers 2013 (scheduled) - 2.1 billion, of which 912 million were international  
    • Global total passenger tonne-kilometers 2013 (scheduled) – 4.6 trillion tonne-kilometers, of which 3.1 trillion tonne-kilometers were international


IATA Offices

  • IATA will have 54 offices in 53 countries
  • Head Office: Montreal, Canada
  • Executive Office: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Regional Offices in Amman, Beijing, Madrid, Miami and Singapore
  • Also significant presence in Brussels, Moscow, Johannesburg and Washington D.C.

IATA Annual General Meeting & World Air Transport Summit

  • Formalizes industry positions on industry and public policy issues and provides a focus for emerging industry issues
  • Attended by representatives from IATA member airlines, industry partners, international and regional associations, manufacturers and suppliers and government
  • The first AGM was held in Montreal, Canada in October 1945
  • The 69th AGM was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 2-4 June 2013
  • The 70th AGM was held in Doha, Qatar on 1-3 June 2014
  • The 71st AGM will be held in Miami, USA on 7-9 June 2015

IATA Financial Services

  • IATA financial systems processed some $387.2 billion
  • IATA Clearing House—$57.1 billion
  • IATA Currency Clearance Service — $36.4 billion
  • Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) — $259.1 billion
  • Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS) — $31.2 billion

IATA's Industry Priorities and Targets

December 2014


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