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Fact Sheet - IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations

Facts and Figures

  • The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) improves ground safety and aims to reduce accidents/incidents 
  • ISAGO is a standardized and structured audit program of Ground Service Providers (GSPs--ground handling companies operating at airports)
  •  It uses internationally recognized operational standards that have been developed by a diverse group of experts
  • The audits are carried out by highly trained and experienced auditors
  • ISAGO also provides cost savings for both airlines and GSPs by decreasing the number of redundant audits
  • A five-year ISAGO strategy and Audit concept plan was approved in 2012 and its implementation was initiated in 2013. The focus of the plan is to simplify the program while ensuring its relevancy
  • ISAGO Standards manual (GOSM) - continuation of the alignment with IGOM to be able to audit against IGOM provisions as of 2016. 
  • The current ISAGO Pool members are encouraged to collect the Ground damage data via their reporting of ground damage to IATA’s Ground Damage Database (GDDB). IATA’s GDDB will help establish a baseline for ground damage performance, identify negative trends and contributing factors and allow for the development of proper mitigation actions leading to cost reduction in the ground damage area
  • Present Pool Members have a benefit of annual average audits savings of 30% due to the sharing of workload amongst each other and benefiting from ISAGO audit reports availability
  • It has been proven that, within the present audit pool concept, there is a cost saving for all types of operators regardless of their size and network. 
  • Lebanon, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Seattle-Tacoma (US), Montego Bay (Jamaica), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Toronto (Canada) Heathrow Airport (UK) have mandated ISAGO in their respective jurisdictions
  • ISAGO has also gained the support of several civil aviation authorities (CAAs) and airports since its inception
    • The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), composed of 44 European Member States, endorsed ISAGO in January 2012
    • IATA has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). ECAC states are presented by directors general of each individual NAA. 
  • Mexico DGCA announced that ISAGO will be a requirement at Mexico City International Airport and eventually all Mexican Airports

Achievements Update

  • Performed over 900 audits worldwide since 2008 
  • As of 9 December 2014 the ISAGO registry had surpassed 157 registered providers with 290 registered stations in 195 airports worldwide 
  • ISAGO Audit pool comprises 44 member airlines, consisting of 260 ISAGO qualified auditors

 December 2014


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