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Date: 28 July 2004

IATA International Traffic Statistics: June 2004

Notes for editors:

1. IATA (International Air Transport Association) represents over 270 airlines comprising 95% of international scheduled air traffic.
2. Explanation of measurements:

a. RPK: Revenue Passenger Kilometres measures actual passenger traffic
b. ASK: Available Seat Kilometres measures available passenger capacity
c. PLF: Passenger Load Factor is % of ASKs used. In Table 1 PLF indicates % seats filled for months indicated.  In Table 2, PLF indicates point differential between the periods compared.
d. FTK: Freight Tonne Kilometres measures actual freight traffic
e. ATK: Available Tonne Kilometres measures available total capacity (combined passenger and cargo)

3. IATA statistics cover international scheduled air traffic; domestic traffic is not included.
4. All figures are provisional and represent total reporting at time of publication plus estimates for missing data.
5. Due to uncertainties in the adoption of the new ICAO statistical definitions by reporting carriers, care should be taken when making year comparisons.


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