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Alexandre de Juniac, CEO

Biography and official photos of IATA Director General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac


(alphabetical order by surname)

Dave Brennan
Assistant Director, Cargo Safety and Standards

Nick Careen
Senior Vice President, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security

Peter Cerda (photo)
Regional Vice President, The Americas

Tim Colehan (photo)
Assistant Director, External Affairs

Anthony Concil (photo)
Vice President, Corporate Communications 

Rob Eagles (photo)
Director, ATM Infrastructure

Andrea Gruber
Head, Special Cargo

Celine Hourcade
Head, Cargo Transformation

Yanik Hoyles (photo)
Director, NDC Program

Gilberto Lopez Meyer (photo)
Senior Vice President, Safety and Flight Operations

Lara Maughan
Head, Worldwide Airport Slots

Hemant Mistry (photo)
Director, Global Airport Development and Fuel

Henk Mulder
Head, Digital Cargo

Brian Pearce (photo)
Chief Economist

Aleks Popovich
Senior Vice President, Financial and Distribution Services

Rafael Schvartzman
Regional Vice President, Europe

Brendan Sullivan
Head, Cargo Operations

Sebastien Touraine
Head, ONE Order Program

Gordon Wright
Head, Cargo Border Management

Ariaen Zimmerman
Executive Director, Cargo iQ

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