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Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM)

The Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) provides guidance on designing airport facilities taking user needs in mind.

10th edition (3rd roll-out) - available since August 2015!

IATA in collaboration with ACI and key aviation stakeholders have completely redesigned the ADRM with new features in an interactive CD-ROM (Single User License).  The following sections of the 10th edition have been rolled out as follows:

1st roll-out

  • Traffic forecasting
  • Master planning
  • Passenger Terminal with a redefined Level of Service (LoS) framework and modernized capacity calculations reflecting the new LoS. Also includes a Baggage Handling System Design chapter.

2nd roll-out

  • Airside Infrastructure
  • Cargo Terminal

3rd roll-out

  • Airport Simulation
  • Future roll-outs will include: Surface Access Systems and Airport Support Elements.
    • Updates of new sections/content when available
    • Access at anytime, anywhere (Internet access only required for updates)
    • Search function allowing to find information quickly
    • Customization options of your copy
    • Links within the manual and hyperlinks to relevant external resources
    • Ask our experts questions
    • Be part of the Discussion Forums on hot topics surrounding airport development
    • View FAQs as they develop
    • ADRM Flyer (pdf)
    • Level of Service – IATA Consulting Solutions (pdf)  

    For more information, see the ADRM 10th Edition 3rd release,  Table of Contents (pdf).

    New format, new look

    The new format allows for permanent installation on your device, providing:

    View the system requirements (pdf) for installing the application.  This product benefits from a new "product key activation" feature to prevent your copy from being mishandled. For help on activation, please consult the Product Key Activation User Guide (pdf). Read more about the End User License Agreement (pdf).

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    ADRM is a valuable tool for airport planners, airlines, airports, government authorities, architects and engineering consultants involved in airport development and planning, capacity planning, terminal planning, apron, etc. 
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    Media: Single User License CD-ROM
    Edition: 10 (3rd roll-out now available)
    Language: English
    Regular Price: US$ 900.00 reduced from US$ 990.00
    Note: Additional discounts apply for IATA Member Airlines, ACI Members & Strategic Partners
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