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IATA's Baggage Improvement Program (BIP) Toolkit

Mishandled baggage is a US$2.94 billion dollar problem for the industry – every year. It also affects 42 million passengers annually and is the second most important factor in having a pleasant trip, according to an IATA CATS survey.

The BIP Toolkit has been developed from the experience gained during over 60 airport consultations in collaboration with IATA member airlines. These visits helped identify the most common baggage issues (up to 95% of mishandling) as well as collect industry best practices in baggage handling.


  • Over 100 solutions to lowering baggage mishandling
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved baggage service

Content overview

The toolkit has three parts:

  • Introduction to the common issues of baggage handling
  • Best practice
  • Solutions

You can read the toolkit as a manual, or dip in as needed to investigate specific areas of baggage issue. Each solution is mapped to the baggage process that it can be best deployed in via a table at the start of the toolkit, and each features a ready guide to the complexity and cost of implementing the solution.

Designed for:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Station Managers
  • Ground Handlers
  • Baggage Managers
  • Loaders
  • Check-in Agents
  • Lost Bag Couriers
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