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e-Resolutions Manual - Passenger Tariffs

The IATA e-Resolutions Manuals (Area Resolutions Manuals) contain Flex Fares Resolutions adopted by the Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences and applied worldwide.  Thanks to the electronic format available since 2011, the Resolutions will be updated soon after each e-tariff session, better serving the industry by providing the most accurate information.

Key Benefits

  • Flex Fares Governing Resolutions for each subarea including the formula to calculate Flex Fares 
  • Content updated soon after the memos are issued after the e-tariff sessions
  • Easy access to Passenger Tariffs Conference agreements.  Search functions easily manageable to find specific Resolutions, conditions and rules either by Main Area, Subarea or Effective Date.
  • Rules and conditions for First, Business/Intermediate, Economy class Normal Fares
  • Rules and conditions for Special Fares

Designed for 

  • Technical/Staff 
  • Managers/Supervisors

Purchase Information

Available through annual subscription.

Product Details
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 2,455
Note: Discount applicable for Member Airlines
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