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Essential Documents on International Air Carrier Liability

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The Essential Documents on International Air Carrier Liability is the ‘must-have’ desktop reference companion for airline counsel, private practitioners, regulators and academics worldwide.

This 3rd edition (effective October 2012) has been comprehensively revised in structure and content to reflect the latest developments in international air carrier liability law.

View the table of contents (pdf).

Key Benefits

A reference publication that consolidates the following instruments on carrier liability in one easy-to-use publication:

  • Warsaw-Montreal regime instruments and signatory lists
  • Intercarrier agreements and signatory lists
  • EU Regulations
  • Third party liability instruments and signatory lists

Other Features

  • Key working texts of the Warsaw-Montreal regime (unified texts and commonly used translations)
  • Comparison tables between the different regimes
  • Select case law extracts

Designed for

  • In-house lawyers from airlines, regulatory bodies and government agencies
  • Aviation law specialists from private practice
  • Students and academics

Product Details
Media: Book
Edition: 3rd
Language: English
Regular Price: US$319
Note: Effective October 2012
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