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Online Library and e-Composite

IATA goes paperless. The Online Library and the e-Composite are online repositories for all indispensable information related to the Passenger Tariffs Conferences and Resolutions.

Online Library

An indispensable online tool for accessing IATA Tariff Coordination news, documents, and results. The Library contains: results of TC Meetings, Passenger & Cargo rate tables, resolution manuals, government status updates, mail votes, carrier filings, currency changes, add-on tables and more.

The Online Library features a user-friendly interface with advanced search capabilities and an automatic alert system to provide notice of updates.

Key Benefits
  • Access to the most up-to-date IATA Interline Tariffs documents and resolutions
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • An automatic alert system to notify users of updates
  • Information on Interline Tariffs News and Events
  • Add-On Paper Support = Delivery of printed materials in addition to subscription


The e-Composite is the electronic version of the Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conference Composite Manual, in short - The Composite Manual. As its paperback version it consists of Resolutions regarding Common Industry Definitions, Mileage principles, Fare Construction principles, Common Currency application and Interline Baggage Acceptance Rules.
To access the vital information of the e-Composite a subscription to the Online Library is required.

Key Benefits
  • Explains the fundamental principals and rules of the Resolutions
  • Monthly updates
  • Commented text to facilitate the understanding of the status of governmental approvals
  • Paperless

Additional information

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