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Revenue Accounting Manual (RAM)

The IATA Revenue Accounting Manual (RAM) explains the standard billing procedures for the interline accounting of Passenger, Cargo, UATP and Miscellaneous revenues.

Overview of content

  • Rules governing interline accounting including regulations relating to currency of collection and billing
  • Essential information on the preparation and handling of invoices/credit notes covering passenger, excess baggage and cargo billing together with procedures in respect of unacceptable charges  
  • Standard Agreement for Passenger Interline Accounting on a sampling basis 
  • SIS Agreement, and the permanent Services Agreement.
What's in the package

The 2016 edition of the Revenue Accounting Manual is only available in an electronic format via download, and provides a number of essential resources:

  • An electronic version of the updated 2016 RAM Manual
  • Search, Annotation and Index functions for the RAM
  • Reports and Agendas from previous Revenue Accounting Meetings, including WFS 
  • AIA Service documentation 

What's Changed?

  • User Licensing: A new scale of charges has been implemented for multiple users of the RAM as follows
Licence(s) Product Code USD (before discount)
Single (1)
2-5 Users
6-12 Users
13-24 Users
25-40 Users

  • Please be sure to purchase the number that best suits your needs as there is an Activation code allocated to each band.
  • Please note that in the 2016 Revenue Accounting Manual, previous references to the Revenue Accounting Working Group have been replaced under the new governance structure by the Interline Billing and Settlement Operations Working Group (IBS OPS WG).
  • Please note a change in the name of SIS. Previously it was the acronym for Simplified Interline Settlement. However to more accurately reflect the true purpose of SIS, it has been renamed as Simplified Invoicing and Settlement throughout the Revenue Accounting Manual. 

The 2016 Revenue Accounting Manual is effective from 01 January 2016, unless otherwise highlighted within the content of the publication.

Product Details
Media: Web Download 9939-16 (Single User Licence)
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 220
Note: Single User Licence
Product Details
Media: Web Download 9940-16 (Multi: 2-5)
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 605
Note: Multi-User Licence 2-5
Product Details
Media: Web Download 9941-16 (Multi: 6-12)
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 1160
Note: Multi-User Licence 6-12
Product Details
Media: Web Download 9942-16 (Multi: 13-24)
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 2270
Note: Multi-User Licence 13-24
Product Details
Media: Web Download 9943-16 (Multi: 25-40)
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 4550
Note: Multi-User Licence 25-40

Additional information

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