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Inadvertent Slide Deployment Prevention Toolkit

Inadvertent slide deployments can cause serious or fatal injury to people in or around an aircraft. The financial impact of damage, flight delays or cancellation can be huge. A large part of these events is caused by cabin crew. Hence, the need for efficient procedures and training.

Strategies to prevent inadvertent slide deployment revolve mostly around proper use of onboard technology, robust SOPs, enhanced training to raise cabin crew awareness and how to apply counter-strategies to mitigate risks. There is no one size fits all solution and the toolkit offers a variety of recommended solutions.

What you will find in the toolkit

  • Safety Officers Tools:
    • Guidance material for hazard identification and safety risk management
    • Guidance material to evaluate and redefine current procedures
    • Statistics for benchmarking and other means to diagnose and correct specific issues within an airline
  • Training Tools:
    • Case studies, workshops and supporting documentation and presentations that can be integrated into current training courses
  • Management Tools:
    • Guidance on risk control and mitigation
    • Guidance on threat and error management
    • Cost analysis and statistics, to brief airline management and obtain the support needed to implement change


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Media: CD-ROM
Edition: 3rd, 2010
Language: English
Regular Price: $80

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