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In addition to printed books, many IATA publications are available in a number of electronic formats. Read about the different formats to determine which one is right for you and your organization.

IATA Mobile Publications

Access to IATA publications on all popular platforms (Windows, Mac, iPad, Android), across multiple devices (desktops, laptops and mobile). Single user license. Coming soon in 2017...

IATA Desktop Reader for Windows

An application for Windows computers, easily installed and activated. Searchable content is conveniently organized and presented. It's all stored locally on a computer so ​​it can be used offline. Single user/device license.​ Discover desktop access to IATA publications.​

IATA Floating License S​olution​

Same Windows application features, licensed for shared use across your organization. Includes a small license server set up by your IT group, and offers ​the flexibility to d​e​ploy the IATA applications the way you want.​ Find out about shared access to IATA publications.

Digital publications support

Get assistance with IATA e-Format publications.


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