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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Travel Information Manual (TIM)?

The Travel Information Manual (TIM) is the world's leading source of Passport, Visa and Health documentation regulations for passengers.  

Airlines and Travel Agents use TIM to provide advice on border requirements to passengers at the time of booking, and airlines use it at the time of boarding to ensure passengers have sufficient travel documents for their destination and any transit points.  If your passengers do not have sufficient travel documents the airline will not carry them!

The TIM is published monthly and is a must for all who are involved in the travel industry. This unique manual details rules and regulations for every nationality going to every country worldwide on subjects such as:

  • Passport regulations and recommendations
  • Visa regulations and recommendations
  • Health regulations and recommendations
  • Airport Tax to be paid by the traveler at either departure or arrival airport
  • Customs regulations relating to import/export of goods and small pets by a passenger
  • Currency regulations relating to import and export by a passenger

Where does the information come from and how reliable is it?

Requests, suggestions and remarks on its content are carefully verified with our worldwide network of sources (Immigration Authorities, Airport Border Police, IATA Facilitation Representatives, local station managers of the major IATA airlines, etc). In total IATA uses a network of over 1,000 sources to collect, verify and publish the TIM information. Information published in TIM is based on the "actual practice" in the airport of arrival, which (in certain countries) may differ from the information given by the embassies and consulates. Health issues are being published and updated in close cooperation with the WHO (World Health Organization) in Geneva.

Which type of Travelers and Travel Documents are covered by Timatic?

TIM includes destination and transit regulations for various types of travelers including ‘Normal’ travelers, Diplomats and other ‘Official’ travelers, Military, Refugees, Airline Crew and Sea Crew.

Over 50 different travel documents are included in TIM e.g. Normal Passports, ID Cards, Diplomatic Passports, Military ID, Seamen Book etc…

Information is included for passengers traveling for Leisure, Business and on Official Duty.  TIM cannot be consulted for immigrants, persons wishing to adopt children, to study or take up paid employment abroad or individuals crossing borders overland. Those passengers should be referred to the consulate of the country concerned.

How much does TIM cost?

For more information and price of the Travel Information Manual (TIM), please contact us at

How can I order TIM?

To order TIM, please print, complete and return the following TIM Order Form (pdf)

Do I have to attach a payment when I send in an order form?

No you do not need to include payment.  You will receive an invoice before the subscription becomes active and you will need to pay this invoice in order to receive TIM.

How can I pay my invoice?

  • Payment by Bank Transfer:
    Account No.
    ING Bank Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Payment by Credit Card
    Details of how to pay by Credit Card are included on your TIM Invoice

When I transfer the amount of money, what do I have to mention?

Always include the invoice number and the relation number

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept:  American Express, Visa and Master Card

Can I increase or reduce my subscription during the subscription period?

You can always increase your subscription during the subscription year

I have already paid my bill and I received a reminder. How is that possible?

If you didn't mention both the invoice number and relation number with your payment, it is sometimes impossible to trace the name of the account. Consequently, the invoice will be marked unpaid and deliveries suspended. Please contact customer service and we will be happy to resolve the situation

I want to terminate my subscription during the subscription period. Can I get refund for the remaining period?

The subscription period is from January until and including December. Unfortunately it is not possible to receive credit for cancelled subscriptions during that subscription year

Can IATA be held responsible for the information published in TIM?

Although every possible effort is made to maintain the information published as accurately as possible, immigration departments occasionally do not inform IATA in advance of changes in rules or how the rules are applied.  As a result the information is supplied ‘as is’ and IATA cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or incomplete information.


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