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Airlines International - April 2013

Airlines International is IATA's flagship magazine, available in print, on tablets and in print. Find out about the advertising options in the online version of the magazine.

In this issue:

February 2013 issue cover

Judging if something is pro consumer
IATA's Director General & CEO editorial

CEO interview - Cathay Pacific
John Slosar says that responding to the diversity of customer requirements is the key to success

Special report - Passenger experience
The next generation of Simplifying the Business projects promise to further transform the passenger experience

Passenger rights - Signs of confusion
Joined up thinking and harmonization are required to address a complex, confusing patchwork of national, regional and global passenger rights regulations

CEO interview - Alaska Air
Brad Tilden explains how innovation will remain a cornerstone of the airline’s strategy

Inflight entertainment - Upwardly mobile
Personal devices on aircraft may not spell the end of traditional inflight entertainment systems but could force management into a serious rethink

Safety strategy - Leaving nothing to chance
The IATA Operational Safety Audit is a cornerstone of the industry safety strategy. An enhanced version will build on the excellent safety results in 2012

Soapbox - It is time to deliver global ATM
Tackling issues with a structured project management approach - by Jeff Poole, Director General CANSO


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