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Reducing Runway Excursions

Special Report - Safety

A second version of the highly effective IATA Runway Excursion Risk Reduction (RERR) toolkit has just been released, with contributions from more than 12 international safety organizations, including ICAO.

The original came out in 2009, supported by IATA and the Flight Safety Foundation, and has been used in support of nearly two dozen runway safety workshops since.

The tool kit provides extensive guidance material to reduce incidents where an aircraft departs the runway surface during takeoff or landing. IATA data for 2004-2009 shows that runway excursions were involved in 27% of accidents. The industry has reduced the number of accidents in this category by 39% since the release of the first tool kit in 2009.

The second version of the RERR toolkit includes a greatly increased focus on the contributions of airports and air navigation service providers in preventing these accidents, and includes contributions from from the Airports Council International and Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation.

It includes animations of runway excursion events, training material for a two-day workshop, case studies of recent accidents, and a Risk Management Process (RMP) for operations. The release of this toolkit was a highlight of the May 2011 ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium, and is a central component of a global series of ICAO-IATA runway safety workshops. Download toolkit

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