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Fuel Quality Needs You!

Special Report - SafetyIATA’s Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP) was inaugurated more than a decade ago, and has 88 members and about 160 inspectors.

As of November 2011, the group had conducted more than 7,000 facility reports: 710 in 2011 alone. It covers about 1,400 airports worldwide.

The IFQP Chairman, Kevin Flick, who is also responsible for Fuel Technical Services at UPS, says there are considerable new programs in place to boost IFQP’s work. “IFQP is adapting to mandated programs from ICAO,” he says. “The most significant of all of these changes is the implementation of a safety management system. The FAA and EASA have issued directives ordering the implementation of these programs by 2015 at the latest.”

Additionally, results from IFQP audits are being fed into a database with the aim of identifying trends and improving training. The idea is to fix problems at a base level so the work actually cures a problem rather than simply dealing with a symptom.

This good work is only the beginning, however. IFQP is expanding in the key markets of China and Russia, where the group has not only been invited to improve training but also to consult on improvements to infrastructure and equipment. As traffic grows, airlines can be confident that the fuel, facility, or equipment is of international standard. “It is this type of cooperation that is making IFQP successful,” says Flick.

The Chairman says the result is a tribute to the hard work put in by the present IFQP structure. He notes, however, that IFQP would ideally have a much bigger membership to get the most out of these ideas. “It is our goal to have more members so that airlines see and appreciate the value we bring.”

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