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Making Use of Data

To make sense of any customer data, comprehensive coverage is essential. Reporting in terms of time period, market, and product type is needed to produce viable trend analyses and forecasting models. This not only generates important individual information but provides the context in which customization decisions are made.

IATA offers a number of business intelligence services that ensure airlines can see all customization initiatives in terms of the global or regional market. PaxIS is an airline passenger market intelligence database. Data is based on a large proportion of airline tickets settled through IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan, which operates in more than 160 countries.

PaxIS generates the right environment for informed business decisions in a number of areas, such as distribution. Product development, enhanced sales and marketing, effective revenue management, and travel agency performance analysis are all made possible through PaxIS data. Business intelligence allows clients to gain a thorough knowledge of market dynamics. Improved insight into the potential of market opportunities is a precursor to stronger revenue streams though customization. PaxIS is available at a number of levels from aggregated data at market level to raw data updated on a daily basis.

“We are pleased that we can provide the airlines with a cost-effective and competitive data product that supports critical decision-making in their businesses,” says Giovanni Bisignani, IATA Director General and CEO.

And in 2010, IATA launched a new airline benchmarking service, Airs@t. More than 20,000 international passengers traveling through the world’s busiest airports have been surveyed on the full travel experience from reservation and check-in to inflight services and baggage delivery. Knowing where service improvements can be made could dictate which customized products get priority.

Aside from the usual SSL encryption and configurable user access, IATA products also follow a data release policy that complies with laws and regulations. “Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not disclosed to any party that is not involved in the transaction, unless required by law,” says Charles De Gheldere, Director, Business Intelligence Services, IATA. “Sensitive data elements such as fare or revenue information are aggregated to industry levels. Our data products are not sold, they are licensed under strict licensing agreement in which clients agree not to disclose or publish data to any other entity.”


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