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Climate Change


ICAO has now drawn up its roadmap for development of the global MBM scheme by the 2016 Assembly.

The ICAO Council Environment Advisory Group (EAG) will focus on international policy questions and a separate Global MBM Technical Task Force (GMTF) has been established to work on the technical aspects of the scheme. Both groups have set ambitious work programmes over the coming months and IATA is participating on behalf of the industry at the heart of the process.


On 3 April 2014, the European Parliament and Council reached an agreement to exempt all flights between Europe and third countries from the EU ETS until the end of 2016. The agreement is expected to enter into force by way of Regulation by the end of April 2014.

This agreement rejected the European Commission’s proposal from October last year which would have amended the scope of the ETS to cover the portion of flights to and from third countries taking place in European airspace. That proposal had been expressly rejected at the 2016 Assembly and was viewed by many as a unilateral, backwards step by Europe which might undermine the agreement reached at ICAO.

The amended regime will only apply to emissions in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Unless another legislative act is adopted in the interim period, the full EU ETS (including flights to and from third countries) will apply to all flights to/from EEA airports in 2017 and beyond. The amending regulation does foresee a review of the scheme in 2016, in light of the outcome of the next ICAO Assembly.

We believe that the Parliament/Council agreement will allow governments and industry the necessary breathing space to focus on the important work at an ICAO level on the development of the global MBM


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