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10 Years of IOSA

The IOSA Operational Audit is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The audit program was developed by IATA to improve global safety levels and reduce redundant audits in the airline industry.

IATA conducted the first IOSA Audit in September 2003. Since then, over 1690 audits were performed, and 3704 IOSA Audit Reports have been requested by the industry or its stakeholders, which indicates the number of audits that were saved to the industry.

Throughout the years, the IOSA Program expanded to include standards for cargo airlines and passenger flights without cabin crew. In 2010, all elements of the Safety Management System (SMS) contained in the ICAO Framework for SMS were incorporated into the IOSA standards. Through the current SMS Implementation Strategy, IOSA will ensure full compliance with all SMS standards by 2016.

As of December 2013, IOSA had 387 airlines on the Registry from 129 different countries around the Globe. Since 2009, the IATA Board of Governors mandated IOSA for IATA Membership and today, in addition to all IATA Member airlines, 147 airlines outside the IATA Membership have chosen IOSA as the global safety benchmark.

In October 2013, the ICAO 38th Assembly endorsed IOSA and its elements under Enhanced IOSA for its Global safety benefits.

The IOSA Audit is also supported by numerous regulatory oversight programs. Today, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Egypt, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mexico, Panama, Syria, and Turkey have mandated IOSA. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the use of IOSA Audit results in the process of approving US code-share agreements. In its new Implementing Rules, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) incorporated third party safety audits such as IOSA as acceptable means of compliance for overseeing Third Country Operators and for monitoring code-share partners.

With Enhanced IOSA (E-IOSA), IATA continues striving to improve further the safety performance of airlines. Enhanced IOSA will introduce significant new elements into the IOSA process which have been applied and evaluated during proof-of-concept workshops and tested during live trial audits.

IOSA registered airlines will incorporate continuing internal assessments using IOSA provisions in their Quality Assurance Programs. As a record of these assessments during the registration period, the airlines will provide a Conformance Report to the Audit Organization before the next renewal audit. The information in the Conformance Report will be reviewed, verified and used by the Audit Organization as input for the IOSA assessment.

In December 2012, the Board of Governors declared E-IOSA an IATA Board Priority and mandated that all IOSA registration renewal audits taking place as of 1 September 2015 follow the E-IOSA process. Then, all airlines that undergo a renewal audit will be required to produce a Conformance Report and submit it to their Audit Organization, not later than two weeks prior to the Audit.


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