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Message by Tony Tyler, Director General & CEO

In 2014 we will mark our industry’s first century. On 1 January 1914, a team of four visionaries combined to change our world forever. Percival Fansler brought together a group of interests to fund the establishment of a scheduled air service across Tampa Bay, Florida. Thomas Benoist provided the plane and Tony Jannus piloted it with a single passenger—Abram Pheil. None of these pioneers could have known the extent to which commercial aviation would transform the world over the century that followed.

In 2013, for the first time in history, passenger numbers topped the 3 billion mark. The value of goods carried as air cargo amounts about a third of world trade. And the positive impact of the connectivity that aviation makes possible literally extends to every corner of the world. And while a hundred years may seem to be a long time, we have only just scratched the surface on the potential of our industry.

As we celebrate our industry’s centennial we have an opportunity to remind people of aviation’s many contributions to economic, social and cultural development. And in doing this, we should encourage all our stakeholders to join us in a partnership to make the next 100 years even better.

One area where we share a common focus across the industry and with governments is safety. The IOSA program is a requirement for IATA membership and has been a contributor to safety improvements over the last decade. The Enhanced-IOSA program is changing IOSA from a bi-annual snapshot of safety management into a continuous process. From September 2015 all auditing will be on the Enhanced-IOSA standards. To ensure that your airline is ready, I encourage you perform your renewal audits to Enhanced-IOSA standards in the interim.

We are ending the year on an upbeat note. Trading conditions are difficult and oil prices remain high. But your hard work, innovation and efficiency are keeping the industry in the black. We see profitability continuing to improve in 2014. I know that some of you are facing big challenges while some others are in smoother waters. Regardless of where you sit in that spectrum, you can count on IATA to continue to strive to deliver value that is relevant to your business. That includes major projects such as NDC, daily dedication to our settlement systems and tactical support for local issues.

On behalf of the whole IATA team, thank you for your support over the past year. We wish you all the best for the year-end festive season. And we look forward to working with you in the New Year.


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