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Message by Tony Tyler, Director General & CEO

With your strong support our 69th Annual General Meeting was a great success.

The big news was reaching an industry consensus on our strategy for Carbon Neutral Growth from 2020 (CNG2020). Market based measures (MBMs) play a critical, if temporary, role in that strategy. A resolution signaled the industry’s strong preference for a mandatory carbon offsetting scheme. The resolution also outlined principles for equitably sharing the bill for industry growth among carriers at various stages of maturity in their businesses.

The AGM agreed a preference, but governments will decide the way forward. The 38th ICAO Assembly later this year will be a major stepping stone in the process. The politics of climate change are complicated and reach far beyond the scope of aviation. So finding agreement among governments will not be easy. Industry agreement on the CNG2020 strategy should send a helpful signal to governments on a reasonable way forward. And if governments can agree a direction we have plenty of time to work out the details before 2020.

The AGM also endorsed two other resolutions. One reaffirmed our commitment to setting standards for a New Distribution Capability (NDC) that will bring airline distribution into the internet age. The other addresses the proliferation of passenger rights regimes with principles to guide harmonization.

Of course there is lot of hard work between agreeing a resolution and achieving the desired result. And IATA singing solo will not be enough. An industry-wide chorus is needed to ensure that governments and stakeholders understand our positions and priorities. The enthusiasm of the AGM gives me great confidence that our 240 members will work together even more closely to ensure that aviation is a safe, secure and sustainable industry— one that is capable of attracting the investments needed to meet the growing demand for connectivity.

Aviation is a team effort. Every flight is the culmination of countless interactions between industry partners. IATA is one of those partners. And, as I mark my first two years of leading your association, you have my word that the entire IATA team is committed to delivering value to your challenging businesses.


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