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CEO Brief - July 2013

Editorial from IATA's Director General & CEO

The 69th Annual General Meeting, held in Cape Town on 2-4 June 2013, was a decision-making AGM. It reached an historic agreement on carbon neutral growth from 2020 and reaffirmed its support of the New Distribution Capability initiative. Finally, the AGM delivered a firm stance to governments concerning core principles on passenger rights regulation.  More... 

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The adoption of the Resolution on CNG2020 at the 69th AGM marked the culmination of many months of hard work. More...


IATA Restructures 

From 1 July, we re-oriented IATA to focus even more closely on our members’ needs. More…


New Distribution Capability

The AGM adopted the NDC resolution, which clarifies the conditions of implementation of the NDC standard. More...


Safety Highlights

Safety performance for the first half of 2013 is on a par with last year’s record level of performance. More…

Passenger Rights

The core principles on consumer protection, adopted at the AGM, are already submitted to regulators around the world. More...

Managing Your Money

IATA is the industry’s trusted partner for an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective means to simplify the selling. More…

Looking at the Numbers:

Airline financial performance continues to improve slowly, despite difficult business conditions. More...

 Airline net post-tax profit margins


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