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Passenger Rights: Next Steps

Following the unanimous industry endorsement of core principles on consumer protection, the unified industry position is already being put in front of regulators around the world in an effort to seek a more balanced, global approach to passenger rights.

The principles were shared with the Directors General of Asia-Pacific CAAs in the first week of July, garnering positive feedback and support from some states. It was also transmitted to the EU, US, Canadian, Chilean and Jordanian governments, where it is being used to shape ongoing discussions with these regimes on revising existing regulations or introducing new ones.

The principles will also form the basis of an IATA working paper to the 38th ICAO Assembly on the subject of consumer protection. At the Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference in March 2013, ICAO member states had agreed on the need to draft high-level, non-prescriptive passenger rights principles. The IATA paper asks the Assembly to utilize the industry principles endorsed in Cape Town for this purpose. Lobbying efforts in national capital cities will begin shortly, preparing the ground for the September/October Assembly.

It is our hope that a united industry response on this issue will strengthen our ability to influence the discussion in countries considering new regimes or revising existing ones.

See more information in the Core Principles for Passenger Rights Regulation press release


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