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Climate Change


The ICAO work on the development of the global MBM scheme for aviation continues apace. The Council’s Environment Advisory Group (EAG) met several times during May and early June, airing some of the crucial international policy issues.

In parallel, a Global MBM Technical Task Force (GMTF) is working on the technical aspects of the scheme. IATA continues to play a key role in these discussions.


The EU Regulation which exempts all flights between Europe and third countries from the EU ETS until the end of 2016 came into force on 30 April 2014. The new regime applies to emissions in 2013-2016 and should facilitate the negotiation in ICAO on the global MBM scheme.


A new EU Regulation on noise-related operating restrictions was adopted on 24 April 2014, coming into force in two years’ time. The Regulation set stronger guarantees to ensure that local authorities implement the ICAO rules on aircraft noise, but it also sets out some restrictions with regard to Chapter 3 aircraft.

The European institutions will also have the possibility to request that airlines submit noise performance data.


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