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Latest SO&I Developments


The Flight Data Exchange (FDX) database continues its growth since its global launch in June 2012 with 28 airlines participating and 55 more carriers expected to join, 500,000 flight hours reported, data on 1020 airports and over 200 FDX subscribers.

As part of Africa’s Safety Improvement Plan aiming to reduce African accident rate to the world’s average by 2015, IATA has conducted a series of Runway Safety workshops for non-IATA operators, in particular those who are major contributors to runway accidents. Over 200 aviation personnel have been trained.

IATA also held IOSA workshops for Regulators in Africa. 35 States have now received training on how IOSA can strengthen their safety regulatory oversight.


Enhanced IOSA (e-IOSA) progress was reported to OPC at its meeting in Munich last October. With 10 trial audits completed and having received FAA and EASA support, OPC endorsed e-IOSA and will propose a timeline for its implementation to the IATA Board of Governors in December.


EC presented a new draft regulation on LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) with the progressive introduction of LAGs screening starting in January 2014 with duty-free liquids. This aligns with the EU-US Statement of Intent on LAGs, which the industry, including IATA, has signed.

Checkpoint of the Future – CoF

The ICAO High Level Conference on Aviation Security, held in Montreal last September, recommended the CoF’s Roadmap as a “useful tool” for Member States. The paper presented by IATA was co-signed by the UK, Canada, Netherlands, ACI and security manufacturers’ association ICCAIA, and supported by the US, Turkey, China, Columbia and Brazil.

CoF trials aiming at validating the identity of passengers via biometric passports were successfully held at Geneva and London Heathrow airports.  Further trials on advanced screening technology will be held at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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