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Industry co-operation received a boost with the conclusion of a MoU between IATA and Airports Council International (ACI). The two organizations have agreed to build on existing work to drive improvements in the airlineā€“airport interface, airport throughput capacity and efficiency. The agreement will also focus on creating a more seamless journey for passengers to improve the overall airport experience.

Annexes to the agreement are now being finalized to focus on the following improvement areas:

  • Passenger flow at border crossings based on the Automated Border Crossing (ABC) project
  • Passenger screening processes at targeted security checkpoints to maximize efficiency and productivity, as well as minimize passenger dissatisfaction
  • Gaining support from airports and national regulators to build on the achievements of the Checkpoint of the Future project
  • Airline - airport co-operation on Common Use Self Service (CUSS)
  • Common technical specifications for data exchange standards at the airport
  • Best practices in ground handling to drive improvements in safety, productivity and reduce overall risks
  • Reducing mishandled bags and offering new products to passengers, including permanent bag tags and home-printed bag tags

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