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Economic performance of the airline industry - Mid year 2017 Update
IATA AGM, Cancun
5 June 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Airlines, the economy and air transport demand
Aviation Fuel Forum, St Petersburg 
17 May 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Air transport: performance, outlook and economic benefits
Aviation Event, Frankfurt
5 May 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Outlook for growth, traffic and airline profits
Wings of Change,  Miami
2 May 2017
Presentation (pdf)

The outlook: what we know, the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns
Safety and Flight Ops Conference,  Seul 
24 April 2017
Presentation (pdf)

State of the airline industry
Airport Regulation,  Malaysia
4 April 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Airline financial performance
DVB Bank,  London
30 March 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Airport investment – the airline perspective
ACI Airport Economics & Finance,  London
22 March 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Chief Economist’s report
IATA Legal Symposium. Washington
22 February 2017
Presentation (pdf)

Global economy and aviation
Air Finance Conference - Dublin
11 January 2017
Presentation (pdf)


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