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Economic reports - Demand

Analysis exploring the drivers of passenger and air freight demand.

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Bali trade deal impact on air freight
Reducing trade cost through improving customs operations can boost world trade and air freight demand.
Mar 2014   
Mode shift: impact and how to respond?
Seabury and IATA research indicates that modal shift is costing air freight 2 percentage points of annual growth.
Mar 2014   
Premium air travel drivers
This research identifies and quantifies, through an econometric model, the various factors related to the number of premium passengers - an important segment, particularly for hotels and network airlines, but also for others in the travel and tourism.....
Mar 2011   
Chinese aviation growth prospects
by Chris Tarry, CTAIRA; The multi-speed recovery in aviation markets has been a key driver of industry performance over the last year.  Growth in the Chinese aviation market has underpinned the faster and stronger recovery seen in Asia compared to ot.....
Oct 2010   
Air Freight and World Trade
Air freight has proved to be a very timely indicator of overall world trade and will provide early signal of a turning point in the current recession.
Apr 2009   
Impact of Recession - Dec 2008
Recession in major markets is now driving a significant fall in traffic in 2009.  See Jun 09 forecast for latest analysis.
Dec 2008   
Air Travel Demand Summary
Summary of full report
Apr 2008   
Air Travel Demand
The impact on demand of every air transport policy decision is an essential consideration. Without it, uncertainty over demand leads to ineffective or counter-productive decisions.
Apr 2008   
Air Travel Demand (Intervistas)
Intervistas report on air travel demand
Apr 2008   
Air freight prospects improving
Air freight transports goods worth over $3 trillion annually, but volumes slowed sharply last year. An economic recovery in Europe, the largest market, and in the key IT sector, in Asia, promise stronger freight growth in 2006.
Feb 2006   
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