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Market & Industry Issues

Find out all IATA economic analysis on key air transport market, industry, as well as public policy issues.


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Forgone Economic Benefits from Airport Constraints
Airport capacity constraints intensify in 2035 – 1 in 10 people wishing to travel by air are unable to do so leading to lower productivity and damaging the economy.
Mar 2015   
APD reduction - step in the right direction
Reducing APD burden is a step in the right direction but abolition is required to realize full potential of trade and investment benefits. Abolishing the tax could increase the size of the UK economy by £16 billion over the first three years followin.....
Mar 2014   
Air Travel Tax harms German economy
Air Travel Tax has adverse impacts in day-to-day functioning of the economy and will likely limit future business opportunities with emerging markets.
Mar 2014   
Bali trade deal impact on air freight
Reducing trade cost through improving customs operations can boost world trade and air freight demand.
Mar 2014   
Mode shift: impact and how to respond?
Seabury and IATA research indicates that modal shift is costing air freight 2 percentage points of annual growth.
Mar 2014   
IRESA noise tax can hinder Lazio competitiveness
Noise tax will damage the local economy by reducing air connectivity and harming competitiveness of the Lazio region
Jun 2014   
Benefits to Hong Kong from increasing airspace efficiency
Improving airspace efficiency in the Pearl River Delta makes economic and environmental sense. It can improve the efficiency of the air transport sector and strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional and global business center.
Apr 2014   
Value of an average passenger flight in EU-27
An assessment of the consumer, producer and wider economic benefits of an average flight in the EU-27.
Sep 2013   
Airport Competition
This paper shows that airports enjoy significant market power in their local markets. Competitive forces are not strong enough to ensure a fair outcome for consumers. Robust and effective economic regulation is required.
Nov 2013   
Analysis of the cost impact of complying with the EU ETS for aircraft operators.
Mar 2013   
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